Internet Enthusiasts for Hire.

The intersection of Creative Web Design, Solid Database Design, and Reliable Programming.


Website DesignDATA BLUEPRINTS, a web technologies design firm in business since 1996, offers big ideas at an affordable price. Our focus is on value, form, and function.

We're not your typical website design company ... we're Internet Enthusiasts! We're excited about how the web has evolved to solve business and organizational problems, and we're particularly proud of our own contributions. We can put the Web to work for you!

Data Blueprints is where Web design meets database design. Our solutions utilize Web-enabled databases and database-driven Web applications to satisfy both simple and complex design requirements.

Customized Content Management Systems, Community and Township PortalseCommerce ApplicationsClub WebsitesOnline Registration/Payment Solutions, and Company Web sites are just a few of the many areas of custom application development that can be found in our portfolio.

Although Data Blueprints was established in 1996, we've been working with the Internet before it was actually called the "Internet". We were in business before the Internet boom of the late 1990s, and we're still in business today after so many other web design firms have gone by the wayside. 

We're still here because we provide solid web technology solutions that are reliable, and we do this affordably. 

Contact Data Blueprints today for a free consultation. Let us demonstrate how the web can work for you!

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Host Your Website

Website HostingSITE HOSTING. We host on private, environment-controlled servers maintained & monitored by our ultra-dependable hosting vendor of 16 years.

Email Services

EMAIL.  Our hosting packages include email services, and you can use Webmail or your favorite email program, like Outlook, to read and manage your email.

Domain Name Services

DOMAIN NAME SERVICES.  We can help you choose the best web address for you, register the address, and then point it to your new website.

Look Great

Graphic DesignCUSTOM SITE STYLES.  Does your website coordinate with your organization's logo and color scheme?  We'll make sure of it.

PhotographyGRAPHIC DESIGN.  You're not still using clip art for your corporate logo, are you?  Your logo and site graphics should be as unique as you are!

picsPHOTOGRAPHY.  Professional product images are an important component of online stores.  Showcase your products using our photography services.




Shoot Higher

Custom Web Application DevelopmentCUSTOM APPLICATIONS.  Custom web applications are as unique as you are, and they help you achieve "exactly" what you need when off-the-shelf web solutions just won't do.

Application and Database IntegrationINTEGRATION.  Your sales software doesn't talk to your project management software, and your project management software doesn't talk to your billing solution.  We can get them talking again. 

Be Productive in the CloudCLOUD DEVELOPMENT.  You're probably already using cloud-based services.  Cloud computing can completely change the way you use technology to service customers, partners, and suppliers.

Mobile Application DevelopmentMOBILE APPLICATIONS.  It's not just about iPads, Droids, Blackberrys, and tablet PCs.  It's about enabling users in remote locations to work effectively.

Drive Traffic

Search Engine OptimizationSEO.  Do you really need Search Engine Optimization?  The answer couldn't be more clear.  Without SEO, you really aren't on the Internet.

Social MediaSOCIAL MEDIA.  Social Media is a powerful tool to connect with and engage your audience ... and places word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

Organic MarketingMARKETING.  Are you ignoring the obvious? Drive traffic to your website using offline marketing tools already available and in most cases free.

Manage Your Website

Content Management (CMS)CONTENT MANAGEMENT.  No one likes a stale website.  Our content management solutions (CMS) provide you with easy tools to edit your website anytime, anywhere.

eCommerceE-COMMERCE.  Put your brick & mortar store online and expand your market from regional to worldwide.  Manage your online store with our easy store-management tools.